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Data Privacy

Helping you Navigate the Data Privacy Landscape

Data Privacy

In today’s digital world, protecting the privacy of personal data is of utmost importance. At Navigate, we understand the critical nature of data privacy compliance and offer comprehensive services to help your business achieve and maintain excellence in this area.

With our expert guidance, cutting-edge technologies, and customized solutions, you can ensure the highest level of data protection while building trust with your customers.


How we can help you.

Implementation Support

We can help you with implementation of data privacy laws, ISO 27701 standard as well as benchmarking exercises using global best practice.

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Impact, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

We will conduct a thorough impact assessment across your organisation including cross border flows and third-party management with the aim of identifying threats and vulnerabilities.

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Change Management

We will assist with implementing controls, documenting processes and procedures as well as training and awareness campaigns.

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Data Privacy Compliance Programme

We will build a sustainable compliance programme for your organisation to assist with the ongoing management of data privacy risks. This includes drafting policies and procedures, developing monitoring plans, documenting controls, regulatory submission processes and risk registers.

Data-Centric Technologies:

To effectively address data privacy challenges, you need advanced technologies. We have partnered with leading providers to offer state-of-the-art solutions for data encryption, secure cloud storage, access controls, identity management, and anonymization. Our technology suite will empower you to implement robust security measures and minimize the risk of data breaches.

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Employee Training and Awareness:

Data privacy compliance is a team effort. Our services include comprehensive training and awareness programs to educate your employees about their responsibilities, best practices, and the importance of data privacy. By fostering a culture of privacy within your organization, you can create a strong defense against data breaches and build a reputation for trustworthiness.

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Continuous Improvement:

Learning is an ongoing process. We not only create initial training content but also provide ongoing support and updates to ensure that your training materials stay current and relevant. We collaborate with you to adapt and enhance the content based on feedback, industry changes, and evolving learning needs.

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Ongoing Risk Management

Ongoing testing of internal controls for adequacy and effectiveness, penetration testing, cybercrime implementation and ongoing training.

Overview of our services.

Let Navigate be your trusted partner in achieving data privacy excellence.

With our comprehensive compliance services, you can protect sensitive information, comply with regulations, and build a reputation as a responsible custodian of customer data. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step towards a more secure and privacy-focused future. Remember, data privacy is not just a legal obligation, but also a way to demonstrate your commitment to your customers’ well-being.